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Imagine, your wedding on Kauai….

Hawaii, has been a favorite for many couples as it offers a multitude of romantic settings including the traditional chapel to popular outdoor locations such as beach weddings, tropical gardens, ocean bluff, and river side.  Whatever your little heart desires is something Allure Kauai wedding planners will be sure to meet.  So if you’re looking for that tropical wedding – Hawaii is the place for you.  The ultimate location for a Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall wedding on Kauai.  Weather is pleasant all year round.  


Kauai Vacation Deals

When you think about Hawaii the first thoughts that come to mind are beautiful clean white sand beaches, fragrant flowers, and warm, tranquil turquoise-blue water, palm trees, gentle trade winds, sun kissed tan, and beautiful people.  


Kauai Travel Tips

Kauai (or, more properly, Kaua’i)  is the northwestern most and oldest of Hawaii’s major islands. Called the Garden Island, it is covered with lush greenery and tropical plants, watered regularly by abundant rainfall. As the oldest of the islands, it has been changed the most by the forces of erosion, and this has resulted in natural wonders such as Waimea Canyon and the Na Pali Coast. It is also home to more sandy beaches than any other major island in the Hawaiian chain.


Convenient Kauai Vacation Rental Travel Guide


By now, you should have already received your arrival instructions.  If not please contact us immediately.  Please remember to bring it with you.  Your arrival instructions may include a lock box code, otherwise you will receive specific key pick up information.  It is recommended that you call us upon your arrival at Lihue Airport so that we can arrange a time to personally greet you at the home to answer any questions that you might have.  Please be sure to email your flight arrival and departure information if you have not already done so.


New Transient Kauai Vacation Rental Ordinance

Pine Trees Beach Villa, Hanalei BayOn March 7th, 2008, the Kauai County Council passed Ordinance #864 to regulate Transient Vacation Rentals on the Island of Kauai.  The council said that the ordinance was needed to address “the uncontrolled proliferation” of vacation rentals outside of designated Visitor Destination Areas (VDA’s).  However, the new ordinance requires registration of all vacation rentals – both inside and outside of the VDA’s.  The existing Visitor Destination Areas include most of Princeville, portions of Poipu, Lihue and Kapaa and some other small areas.

All condos and single family homes inside the designated VDA areas that rent to vacationers will have until September 3, 2008 to apply for a Vacation Rental Registration Number.   Vacation Rentals that are located outside of the designated VDA must apply for a non-conforming Use Certificate from the county by October 15th and receive approval by March 30, 2009. If your property is located within the existing Visitor Destination Area (VDA), registration your registration should be approved as long as you file the required documentation and pay an annual $150 fee to the county.  Outside of the VDA, the county will no longer allow new vacation rentals.  Existing vacation rentals that can show current and past reservation history will be allowed to continue with a special use permit, only if they register with the county each year and comply with numerous other zoning and use requirements.   As of this writing, the County is requiring that all forms be submitted in person at the County Assessment Office AND at the County Planning Office.  You are allowed to have another person submit the applications for you if you provide an Authorization Letter.  As part of the application, the county is requiring a plot plan and building plans, signed and stamped by a licensed architect or engineer along with copies of General Excise Tax and Transient Accommodation Tax licenses and a designated 24 hour contact person.

Whether you are considering buying or selling vacation rental property in Kauai, it will be very important in the future to work with people who familiar with this ordinance and how it will affect you.  The county can levy a fine against any owner, person or company that it finds in violation of the new ordinance, so please feel free to go to the County Of Kauai for more information.