Birthday hike on Kauai!


Hauoli La Hanau Lily!  A year ago today, my baby girl, Lily Lake Abubo was born. The morning wasn’t looking so good, but despite the rainy weather conditions we decided to do something fun.  My husband and I took our 3 keiki on a beautiful hike. It was between Hanakapiai or Okolehau Trail in Hanalei.  We chose Okolehau.  A perfect one for the kids.

The weather was just right, not too hot or not too rainy.  In fact, it was great for hiking.  The kids are always so anxious and excited, when it comes to a little outdoor adventure.  Lily was very excited on our hike up.  We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Lily, probably about a 100 times until we reached the lookout.  Some parts of the trail got really muddy, we had fun getting dirty, the kids especially.  What kid do you know does not like playing in mud?  Rush and Star trekked along so happily, and so did the parents.

Needless to say, I feel truly blessed to live on this beautiful island, Kauai.  A place we all love so dear to our hearts.  To spend a day outside with the family on a fun and exciting adventure is what makes us all happy.  It is moments like this that we will cherish for a lifetime.

In fact, I recommend anyone visiting the island to take your family on a healthy hike outdoors.  You’ll find hiking on Kauai for all levels, for moderate to extreme.  Some trails overlook the ocean, while others look over valleys, and waterfalls.  Explore Kauai while you can.  Please remember to ask local officials for more information on the various hiking trails offered on Kauai.  Remember to always be safe and drink lots of water the night before and during the hike.  Think safety first!  Have fun…

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