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Thanksgiving in Hawaii….

Spending Thanksgiving in Hawaii???  Why not treat yourself or your family with a wonderful meal, catered by Allure Kauai’s top notch personal gourmet chef or you might also consider dining out.  During the holidays, the restaurants on Kauai get very busy.  Please be sure that you make reservations well in advance.  Some of our favorite restaurants on the north shore of Kauai are:  Mediterranean Gourmet (oceanfront dining) in Haena, Post Cards Cafe in Hanalei, CJ Steak House (Princeville), and The Tavern (Prince Club House).  Some Kauai restaurants offer the perfect oceanfront setting for a special and unforgettable experience.

There are so many ways you can enjoy Thanksgiving on Kauai.  Now that you’ve secured your favorite Kauai vacation rental all you have to do is plan a fun week of activities and adventures.  The islands offer an array of things to do.  So make the best out of your stay here and experience Kauai in every way possible.

Some of our most favorite Kauai activities are…a Napali Sunset Tour, Zip-Lining on the north shore, Kauai Island Helicopter tour, just to name a few.

On this very special day let us remember to be thankful for all of the many things in life that we are blessed with.  A time to relax and rejuvinate.  No matter where you are on Kauai whether staying in a Hanalei vacation rental,  Poipu beach house, or Princeville condo rental a beach is usually within a very short walk or just minutes away.  Wake up in the morning and take a nice walk on the beach.  You will feel so refreshed and happy on a day that is so special…Thanksgiving!  Eat healthy, play safe, be thankful, enjoy your holiday, and don’t forget to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Vacation on Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay in my opinion is among the top beaches in the world.  It is the largest bay on the north shore of Kauaʻi island in Hawaii. The town of Hanalei is at the mid-point of the bay.

Hanalei Bay consists of nearly two miles of beach, surrounded by mountains. In the summer, the bay is like glass, offering excellent mooring for sailboats, stand up paddle boarding and swimming. The Princeville community overlooks from the northeast entrance to the bay of Hanalei river, 22°12′52″N 159°29′52″W / 22.21444°N 159.49778°W / 22.21444; -159.49778Coordinates: 22°12′52″N 159°29′52″W / 22.21444°N 159.49778°W / 22.21444; -159.49778. During the winter the surf becomes large and is a favorite surf location.

The Hanalei Pier was first built in 1892 to help Hanalei farmers move their taro crops to market. The covered pier’s location near the mouth of the Hanalei River and Black Pot beach has long been a favorite family gathering place for fishing, picnicking, swimming, and playing.  Hanalei Bay Sunset

On April 5, 1824, King Kamehameha II’s royal yacht, Pride of Hawaii, sank near the mouth of the Waiʻoli River, 22°12′14″N 159°30′37″W / 22.20389°N 159.51028°W / 22.20389; -159.51028 (Waioli River mouth), on the southwest corner of the bay after its crew struck a five-foot deep reef a hundred yards offshore. It is believed the captain and crew were drunk at the time. A large section of the ship’s hull washed ashore in 1844 in a winter storm surge, but most of this historic wreck remains buried in silt in the bay. In 1995-2000, archaeologists from the Smithsonian Institution‘s National Museum of American History excavated the wreck and recovered more than 1,200 artifacts. During this excavation, a 40 foot section of the stern was discovered, documented, and then re-buried where it was discovered.[1]

Japanese author Haruki Murakami wrote a short story entitled “Hanalei Bay” set in the area. The story is included in the collection Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman.

This is why Hanalei vacation rentals have become so popular over the years.  You’ll find a variety of accommodations in Kauai at price ranges that fit every budget.  So whether you come alone for business, with family, or friends Allure Kauai Vacation Rentals have a perfect place for you.

Kauai is a tropical Pacific paradise and one of the most romantic places on earth. Thousands of couples visit the island to get married and spend quality time together every year. Several activities are available for the ultimate experience such as golfing, sightseeing, hiking and swimming. There are places that cater to special events that will truly give you the Kauai wedding and honeymoon worth remembering. (more…)

President Obama’s Hawaii Vacation

Barack Obama recently vacationed in Hawaii, just outside the island’s capital of Honolulu.  Obama was born on O’ahu and spent the first fourteen years of his life on the island.  It was also the home of his late grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who raised Obama through much of his youth. Dunham passed away only two days before her grandson’s historic election.

Obama and his family enjoyed the beauty of Oahu’s Kailua area, a place well-known for windsurfing and white sand beaches.  The small-town feeling of Kailua, with a population of about 50,000 residents, seems a fitting choice for a holiday reprieve for the Obama family after a long campaign in the public eye. With the majority of Hawaiians showing their support for Obama in the presidential election, it may have been difficult for locals to give the family the privacy and space they deserved. However, most residents of this mellow enclave are used to public figures and celebrities coming to Kailua for a little anonymity in paradise. Most likely the greatest attention Obama received from the locals were a few shakas in the aloha spirit.

Only a 20 minute flight from the island of Kauai, known as the ‘Garden Isle’.  Kauai, aka the ‘Island of Discovery’ boasts white sand beaches have been voted some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Obama mentions his own past connection with Kailua in his memoir, “Dreams From My Father”, in which he recalls a boyhood spearfishing trip there with his grandfather. Obama continues to foster his relationship to Kailua.  Every president has his place of choice for respite from the toughest job in the world. It looks as though this Hawaiian native may choose Kailua as his place to rejuvenate and rest throughout his presidency.  Understandably so. Kailua’s beauty is some of the most picturesque in all the islands and the land there holds the history of great chiefs.

Should the nation’s new President continue to return to the Hawaiian Islands for some R&R,  Hawaiians would welcome it with plenty of aloha.


Getting Married on Kauai…..


Top 8 Reasons to Get Married on Kauai


There are MANY reasons the Garden Island of Kauai is alternately dubbed, “the Wedding Island” and has been the chosen wedding spot for thousands of couples. These are just a few:

1. Unblemished BeachesIf saying “I do” to the sound of the surf is your idea of heaven, you’ve come to the right place. Kauai is home to beautiful, unblemished beaches — many of them quiet, secluded and perfect for an intimate exchange of vows. (Better yet, public beaches and parks are available free of charge — but may require a permit to occupy. Check with the County of Kauai for information.) A few sand-strewn suggestions: LUMAHAI BEACH — Talk about magical…The musical, “South Pacific,” was filmed along this superb stretch of sand on the North Shore, where Mitzi Gaynor “washed that man right of her hair.” Remember Bali Hai rising in the distance? You’ll find it here, at Kauai’s most photographed beach, just a few minutes’ walk from the highway. The given name of “Bali Hai” is actually Mt. Makana. MAHAULEPU BEACH — You’re likely to find this romantic beach on the south shore quiet and largely uninhabited. Getting there is a bit of an adventure. A dirt road will take you to a security shack where you’ll be asked to show ID and sign a liability release before continuing on to private property. The payoff? A good possibility of your own private piece of golden beach or sea cliff. POLIHALE BEACH — This remote expanse of shimmering sand, translated as “home of the spirits” in Hawaiian, is framed by dramatic cliffs. Located on the west end of the famed Na Pali coastline, this state park houses picnic facilities and restrooms. SHIPWRECK BEACH — Even the name sounds exotic, inspiring images of swashbucklers and buried treasure. Located on Keoneloa Bay, Shipwreck Beach is one of the biggest in Poipu and particularly suited to stunning wedding photos, especially with rocky Makawehi Point in the background. Several beautiful resorts lie conveniently near its sunny shores. POIPU BEACH — Plenty of sunshine, cool trades and soft white sand make this south shore location a favorite with travelers. Rated a “top beach in America,” this sweep of shimmering shoreline is perfect for pictures, especially at sunset, and is conveniently located near Poipu resorts. The adjacent Poipu Beach Park, also encompassing Brennecke Beach, has an expanse of green lawn, towering palms, and picnic and rest facilities. LYDGATE BEACH PARK — This beach on Kauai’s Coconut Coast seems to have it all: more than two miles of golden sand, grassy spaces nearby, picnic pavilions, shade trees, rest facilities PLUS a playground! (Keep that young ring bearer or flower girl happy!) WAIPOULI BEACH or ALA KUKUI POINT — Head to Kauai’s east side for this picturesque garden setting: palm trees, a profusion of flowers, white sand and mountains rising in the background. KE’E BEACH — Considered “the place” to watch the sun set on Kauai’s North Shore, this stunning beach boasts a lava peak that trails into the sea and emerald mountains beyond the beach. Consider an early, weekday wedding at this popular and often-busy beach. HANALEI BAY — Situated at the foot of a sheer cliff and bordered by a rocky point, picturesque Hanalei Bay is renowned for its unparalleled natural beauty. The sandy beach wraps around a shoreline at different times of the year calm and surf-strewn, but always lovely. The Pier at Hanalei is another option, promising magnificent memories and photos. PRINCEVILLE BEACH — This lovely spot on the celebrated North shore offers a white sand beach and Mt. Makana (“Bali Hai”) as a backdrop.