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Kauai Survives Tsunami

Has my Kauai vacation rental been affected by the Tsunami?  Kauai experienced very little damage, considering what has been reported on the neighboring islands.

It was approximately 7:30 pm on March 11, when I turned the TV on and got the news that Japan was hit by an earthquake and Tsunami.  It was not too long after that Hawaii was under a Tsunami Watch.  Talk about scrambling.  Well that lasted for a short while before the Kauai Civil Defense called it a ‘Warning’.  We now had only a few hours to pack up all of our valuables and evacuate.  So things got a bit crazy around here.  The roads got busy, everyone working very fast to protect their property.  Thankfully, everyone is okay.

Kauai was hit first with 6 foot+ dangerous waves.  The areas that were affected mostly by the Tsunami were the unprotected beaches.  Freak surges and currents remained in our waters days later.

Kauai residents in the low-line areas were evacuated on Thursday night and early Friday morning.  The sirens were ear piercing loud, every hour, until the first waves hit around 3 am.  We were fortunate that the evacuation didn’t last too long. While several of the harbors were flooded and a few homes and businesses, the cleanup wasn’t bad, and most businesses are back open.  Fortunately, no real damage was done.  Kauai experience minor inconveniences and some bad weather, but our island held up pretty well I’d say. Within a day, almost everything was back open again and day-to-day activities commenced.  My heart goes out to the people of Japan.  May you be blessed with all the love and support during these difficult times.